Reusing work that others have shared

Reusing work and processes from other organisations is a great way to make quick progress.
Image showing a cereal box being reused as a toy rocket. Image CC-BY-ND Bryan Mathers of WAO.

Learn from what other charities have done

👉 Service recipes from Catalyst are a set of practical guides to help charities reuse and learn from one another’s services. Find solutions from 76 different charities, with more being added all the time:
👉 Find useful design assets and project reflections created by charities and digital partners:

How to work with open licences

👉 Open licences and public domain dedications are tools that give the public permission to use materials typically protected by copyright and other laws:

Design system and patterns

👉 How to approach a design system so it can be reused simply:

Digital service design examples

👉 Best practice, policies, guidance and more for quickly moving services to online channels:

Tools, apps and software used in the charity sector

👉 An overview of some of the most common digital tools, apps and software used in the charity sector. Get concise practical guidance and see how charities are applying them in their digital services: