🏅Overcoming Barriers

Some tips to make working in the open as easy as possible.


Find out how to overcome barriers to open working:


Although open working will help you to save time later on, many find it difficult to get started. Here are some tips for writing speedy weeknotes:

  • Use a timer. Here are our workshop slides with timers attached!

🔗 Google slides with timers

  • Share something that you already have! That could be summarising a report that you've done already, or writing up the process of how you did something.

"You only need to dedicate 30 minutes per week"

-Catalyst Re-use Circle


Sharing your work can be intimidating - but it doesn't have to be!

  • Start small - challenge yourself to write 100-200 words

  • Ask a colleague to read over your work

  • Have faith that your writing will be useful to someone else! What might seem boring to you could help someone else solve a problem they've been working on for months.

  • Practice, practice, practice!

🌍 Where to share

So, you've written your weeknote - now what? There might be a few places where it would be appropriate to share your work. Here are some ideas of where you could share it:

  • Publish to our Open Working and Re-Use Medium to reach others in the sector who have taken part in the Open Working Programme.

🔗Visit the Open Working and Re-Use Medium Publication

  • Share on your own Medium account.

  • Share on your organisation's blog.

Adapted from Christine Cawthorne's "Ways to Make Working in the Open Really, Really Easy"

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