How to do open working

There are many ways to share what you're working on: from sharing regular blogs about what you learned that week to any design assets and research insights. Get ideas here.

Top tips to help you start working openly

Image shows the text 'Just talk about the stuff you're doing'. CC-BY-ND Bryan Mathers of WAO.

Help with how to write well

Templates for weeknotes and blogs

Inspiration from people and organisations that work openly

👉 A three-part blog post about what working openly is, why it's so important and who/where does it:
"My hypothesis — in fact the metaphorical hill I’m going to die on — is that working in the open is the (not so) secret sauce that makes this ‘transformation’ even possible. That it is the foundation all these other great ways of working are built upon."
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👉 A blog post about hints and tricks from the book Working Out Loud by John Stepper to see how to share your work when it’s not a core part of your job:
"The first part of the book looks at how working in the open fits with being successful as an individual. Having worked in both the public and voluntary sectors, I’m interested in how working out loud contributes to social good."
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