Writing Weeknotes

There are many ways to share what you're working on: from sharing regular blogs about what you learned that week to any design assets and research insights. Get ideas here.


In this section, you'll find information on:
  • How to optimise your writing for the web
  • Resources to help you get started, including templates and timer slides
  • The Open Working aned Re-Use Medium Publication

🗣Write the way real people talk

Above everything else, you should always aim for your writing to be understood. Find your own voice, and use it to interact with your community and peers in the sector.

💭Use sub-headings

We recommend that you begin with some subheadings, and work from there. By laying out a plan for yourself, you're less likely to get stuck later on.

✍️Write first, edit later

This is not the next great American novel, it's a blog post! Set a timer if you need to, and don't let your inner critic step in until a first draft is ready.

👥 Share your work

Although weeknotes are a great tool for self-reflection, you will get the most out of them by sharing your work! Receiving positive feedback can be a great motivator to keep going.
Have a look at what others in our network have been sharing:

Getting started

Most importantly, practice. The sooner you can make weeknotes part of your routine, the easier they'll be to write.
Try not to overthink what you share. If you're not confident about your writing, ask a colleague to be your beta reader.


Write and publish your weeknotes in 30 minutes with this guide!

Further Writing Resources👇